About this blog

So, what is Digital Axiom?

I would describe it as…

A digital product, content and marketing ecosystem where all of those who are in a position to create digital products  or services, contribute and collaborate to make a positive impact to the consumer;  from user – experience to productivity – all from a shared starting – point based on reasoning, purpose and added value.

The Digital World that we live in is dynamic, fast moving, exciting, productive and enhances and enriches the lives of billions of us worldwide. It’s big business too. A huge amount of people depend on digital products and experiences, software and hardware to make living, whether it be through online advertising, product sales, content marketing, internal communications or simply something as simple as email, which we all use and rely on. Digital media a big part of our modern lives. For many people it’s totally central to their daily lives.

With it’s growing importance to us all, through work and play, it’s vital that digital designers, software developers, hardware engineers, marketeers and all of those involved in selling and importantly “using” digital experiences are reading from the same page. A page based on the key principles of engagement, productivity, value and accessibility. This is a work in progress. Amongst all the good, so often there are bad user – experiences; invasions of privacy, criminal activities, unusable interfaces and inaccessible content. In this blog I’ll comment and share my opinions on what interesting products, experiences, content and innovations that I stumble upon in the digital world.

Attaining an axiom across digital media communities is a difficult challenge; with everyone now becoming an online publisher through social media and user – generated content. It’s hard to decipher at times the activities, content and technology pushing us in the right direction. I am though, excited in the main to see the improvements in digital media and marketing, in terms of how those in a position to influence can contribute and collaborate to innovate, deliver, and improve the experience of digital product and marketing’s impact today and in the future.


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